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The ever growing e-commerce industry is thriving and being a part of it can bring tangible rewards for any business.

E-commerce today is very different to how it was just a handful of years ago. Back then you could install a cheap SSL on your website and have it start accepting credit cards payment without a care in the world. Not so any longer.

As instances of online credit card and identity data theft number well over 200 million mark and costs of online credit card fraud is in the multiple of billions of dollars worth, e-commerce is changing.

There are new rules and regulations in place [PCI DSS] which bring added responsibilities on to those who want to accept credit card payments online. These rules aim to strengthen protection for sensitive cardholder data.

New MST (Merchant Submitted Transaction) merchant account facilities (previously known as MOTO) that give business owners full control over their credit card charging processes are being introduced by banks such as CBA, ANZ, NAB, BankWest and others.

These new bank supplied feature-packed virtual terminal, or virtual POS, merchant account systems and new mobile merchant account smart-phone apps finally enable the business owner to take control and charge their customer's credit cards themselves. This effectively puts an end to the risks of when transactions are performed 'live' and blindly on the open internet without the business owner knowing - said to be the method used to perpetrate over 95% of online credit card fraud in the world today!

There are also new and innovative low cost payment gateway solutions being introduced, with e-Path being one such example. For the first time highly sensitive credit card, identity and transaction history data no longer needs to be permanently stored within the online payment gateway's systems; and private merchant accounts no longer need to be sitting on the open internet ready to receive any payment made by anyone anywhere.

These new service offerings not only translate to vastly improved security for online businesses and their cardholder customers but they are also making e-commerce a little less expensive for everyone.

The new e-commercetalk.com.au website is gearing up to provide a place on the internet where business owners and consumers can meet to discus and share their experiences.

Whether you are about to get started and need some friendly advice or are an e-commerce industry professional happy to impart some of your knowledge and experience, everyone is welcome.

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